5 Steps to Invest in Property With No Experience

What do we do?

Pivotal Point Group was founded by myself, Dan Eaton.  We are based in Gloucestershire and we deliver quality refurbished or new properties to the UK residential market.  As a company we have experience with :

  • Private buyers and rentals
  • HMOs
  • Landlords
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Converting Commercial Property Residential
  • New build developments

Our properties are carefully and individually designed with the intended market kept very much in mind.  We manage every stage of a development as an end to end project.  From the initial decision that a building or site is a viable opportunity, through planning, financing, building or refurbishment, to final preparations for use or sale, our team lead every step on the way. 


When you are working with Pivotal Point Group we aim:

  • To bring unused and unloved commercial buildings or sites back to life as attractive, well designed, excellent quality residential accommodation
  • To work within the Help to Buy scheme in order to best assist first time buyers to get onto the property ladder
  • To work with Local Authorities to develop bespoke housing that will fit the needs of their clients
  • To provide strong returns for our private investors – if they be new to investing or a seasoned investor.


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Are you a potential investor in property?  We offer all types of arrangements from fixed returns (typically around 8% pa) right through to joint ventures and profit shares*

Are you wanting to get into property development but don’t know how?

Are you wanting to invest but don’t know here to start?

Are you the owner of a building or site that needs re-development?

Are you a housing provider with bespoke needs?

Are you a Landlord with empty property?

If you are any of the above – contact us!  We would love to have a conversation and see if we can help. 


*Joint Ventures will be in accordance with FCA PS13-03 and may not be available to all investors.


After leaving the military and a very successful career in the corporate world,  Dan and Vicky started in property in 2017.  Focusing initially on providing high quality Serviced Accommodation, the business has grown a number of properties businesses that serve our varied clients.  Over that time we have crafted a team of passionate professionals that share our values and allowed us to scale, in a controlled manner, the businesses to where thet are today.  As an established business we are now able to pick the projects that work within our values and meet the needs of our investors and clients.   We are always on the look out for the next opportunities so if you’d like to work with us, please drop us a line.